Cocaine Consumer's Handbook

By David Lee

Know what you're putting in your nose!!!
Here at last is a book on cocaine that gives useful information for the consumer,
Includes: Clear instructions for performing the simple clorox test as well as the melting point test, with charts and color photographs to help evaluate the results.
How to identify the effects and reactions of common adulterants in illicit cocaine.
The cocaine trade and how to score.
Health and safety procedures for cocaine users.
History and bibliography.
8 pages of color photos show the results of the clorox test, and the appearance of cocaine and common adulterants under a microscope.
With this book, your will be able to safeguard yourself from adulterants, burns , and inferior quality by learning to know what you're getting before you buy.
5 1/2" x 8 1/2" 53 pages

Cocaine Consumer's Handbook
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